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We're SHIFTing.

Spingine's High-Tech Initiatives For Tomorrow will launch a few days from now.

One of these initiatives is the Xeleqt B2B remote-resource platform. A peer-to-peer management, mobility and matching platform for shareable corporate resources used in remote operations such as vehicles, equipment, manpower and even excess raw materials.

On-demand applications such as Grab, Uber and Task Rabbit have changed the world as we know it. These have all started with the consumer market as their initial focus and later branched out to the corporate market. However, these apps undeniably have a consumer DNA.

Xeleqt is a business-first on-demand technology that addresses the capabilities gaps of small-to-medium businesses in the areas of supply, transport, logistics and manpower.

The platform-as-a-service is comprised of 3 major components:

1. The Xeleqt SAAS connected applications. 2. The Xeleqt B2B resource marketplace 3. The Xeleqt AI for moving things or AIM.

Xeleqt uses the same sharing technologies that the consumer market has grown to love. However, it operates differently from a peer-to-peer consumer app in that it involves three parties in a triangular peer; each actively participating for the best and most cost-effective option of execution. The business customer, the technology service-operator and the service-provider-partner rely on AI-assisted decision dashboards and AIoT edge-computing hardware that present insights for the best deal option in the following service areas:

1. Freight matching and shared logistics. 2. Transport and equipment sharing. 3. Re-supply of raw materials&consumables 4. Workforce-sharing and skills-on-demand.

In terms of the commercial and operational aspect, Xeleqt executes these services differently as well. Enterprises may use the platform-as-a-service to manage their internal or owned resources. While third-party services may be availed on-demand by way of a corporate membership. The hard assets (i.e vehicles and equipment) are co-owned or subsidized by the members.

Since the small to medium businesses comprise about 92% of businesses in the Asean region, SHIFT will primarily focus in delivering  curated data services to this segment of the telematics and supply chain markets. However, across the two years of development, we have piloted several projects will large enterprises already.

Xeleqt will be officially unveiled on May 29, 2019, 1:00-4:00 pm at the Cafe Laguna. For invites please contact us at (032) 2541869 or (63)9989647207. For more information, please check out our website at

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