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Make a Difference

in the Way You Serve Customers

In an age when information is flowing at lightning speeds and businesses need to, not only differentiate against competitors, but also shield against the big tech disruptors, AIM1 offers a new perspective in delivering

on-demand services through IOT.


Xeleqt AIM

AI-enabled, multi-protocol IoT devices which send and receive business data in the same manner as sensors.


Xeleqt AIM : AI of Moving Things

Telematics devices, used in fleet management, remote asset management, and premise security, have bearly changed across the years. Until now. Xeleqt AIM1 showcases advanced data logging, multi-protocol transmission, and sensor-networking never before seen in a single cost-effective form-factor.

Enterprise IOT Gateway

Give employees access to the internet with AIM1 as an application router. They can use enterprise-level applications, and their transactions are secured and encrypted before being sent.


Extend Wi-Fi to consumer-level applications through our whitelist. AIM1 separates their access to keep business independent from consumer use.

aim1 radar.png

Radar and Infrared

Obtain accurate people counting with AIM1’s Radar Module. Calculate and broadcast available seat capacities for buses, E-jeeps and other modes of transport.

Biometric Scanner

Identify and authorize personnel with AIM1’s Biometric Scanner module. Detect the identities of drivers and cashiers to guarantee the safety of your assets.


Machine Vision

Analyze asset activity and driver behavior in real-time. AIM1’s Machine Vision Dashcam can identify and detect any alerts of notifications triggered and send video data to stakeholders for reviewing.

Also comes in a standard dash cam version.


Track assets indoor and outdoor via Bluetooth or Ultrawideband with an accuracy up to 30 cm and batteries that can last up to 3 years.


AIM-G1 Outdoor Gateway

Network multiple Bluetooth, Ultrawideband and UHF tags and sensors in campus or a yard and backhaul real-time data using a combination of 4G or WiFi mesh. 


Ai of Moving Things

A hassle-free solution to managing the way your business moves.

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