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Get Ready to Move at a Faster Pace.

Digitizing your transport and logistics business will remove roadblocks and empower you to provide faster but safer deliveries and drop-offs.


Transport Services

Update trip assignments, verify routes and manage assigned tasks.

Delivery Services

Track assets in real-time and keep tabs on drivers’ performance and behavior.


Urban Mobility

Xeleqt Mobility answers the concerns of urban mobility by tackling the issues from multiple angles. It empowers users to overcome the visibility, connectivity and accessibility issues of the modern world.


Access reliable alternative forms of transport for your micro trips.  

Fleet Management

Manage the movement of your assets and delight your customers by providing transparency to your services. 


Carpool with confidence with your colleagues or with professionals within your affiliate businesses.

Ride Share

Provision rides within your private organization just like booking an Uber.  

Public Commute

Manage your public rides to eliminate hassles and liquidate travel expenses without missing any detail.

Managed Mobility

A hassle-free solution to managing the way your business moves.

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