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Mobile Point-of-Sale

Buy and sell anytime and anywhere with a wireless and up-to-date cash register through your smartphones.

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Mobile Point of Sale


Update your inventories, process inventory requests, deliver goods to another outlet in real-time.

Transact paperless.

Send and receive sales orders and delivery receipt and avoid delays of deliveries for not having the necessary documents on hand.

Operate flexibly.

With a handy “cash register”, your business operations will not be interrupted anytime since it’s wireless.


Retail Data Collection


Analyze the status of your business immediately when you receive data from the transactions made and find ways for your business to grow.

Track revenues and expenditures.

Access the coming in and out of goods and cash daily, weekly and monthly.

Import and export data.

Upload every transaction, store through cloud and export them as a document if needed.

Real Time Location Sensing


Take dining and shopping to a whole new level with a tracking system that feeds you details of  what your current location can offer.


Customer Engagement

Draw the customers in and allow them to experience a unique dining or shopping experience by helping them find they want instantly.

Time Efficient

Help customers avoid long lines and prevent them from wasting their time waiting.

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