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Fleet Management

A tracking system that aids you to manage and evaluate the efficiency of your commercial and/or service vehicles.

Transport and Logistics - FM

Fleet Management


Assess each of your vehicle’s condition as well as its drivers according to their travel itineraries, movement history and reports submitted.

Improve productivity.

Evaluate driver performance suitable for taxis and other transportation network companies.

Vehicle efficiency.

Maximize vehicle itineraries by utilizing the same vehicle for other purposes when idle.

Transport and Logistics -DFM

Digital Freight Matching

automotive-cars-expressway-172074 (1).jp

Maximize your commercial and service vehicles according to its capacity and type of goods to be delivered.

Prevent contamination and mixing.

Match product delivery with the appropriate vessel and/or vehicle to meet the needs of every transaction.

Maintain the balance.

Control deliveries per product type and/or vehicle type to ensure transportation availability when needed.

Transport and Logistics - PCP-VS

Private Car-Pooling and Vehicle-Sharing


Save up and subscribe to car-pooling system where you can rent a car only for the time you need it.

Cater corporate mobility services.

Allow businessmen to travel more comfortably and save resources during business trips.

Widen your network.

Ride with fellow businessmen and meet potentials clients.

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