$10K or 2 Stars to Start a Business, Anyone?

Updated: May 17, 2019

I read this article today about Amazon offering employees to take $10,000, quit their job and start a business.

Let's imagine this offer was available to everyone, would you take the opportunity?

I suspect for the lure of $10,000 and a guaranteed bigshot customer like Amazon, a few would bite the bullet. Some will give it serious thought. However for many of you, quitting a job to start a business on your own is scary. It's like being launched into outer space in a brand new jet pack with nothing else except a quick-start pamplet and a note that says "have a great journey".

I fully understand why you would rather job-hop tirelessly to find the perfect pasture than entertain the idea of being on your own. The fear of the unknown is normal.  $10,000 is actually not much to start a business. It's enough...if you know exactly what you're doing. That is perhaps the reason why Amazon is offering it only to their employees - these people, who have worked for years in Amazon distribution lines, already have domain expertise.

Some of you possess a rare kind of clarity. That is, you are absolutely sure you're not cut out for business. You'd rather serve a purpose and make the world a better place. Afterall, someone has to save the whales or lobby for equal opportunity. If you are this type of person, value that clarity and stay the course. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you if you follow your heart..